Instituto Superior Técnico

Academic Development Unit


In French, “tuteur” is the name given to a stake that is used for helping and supporting a young plant’s growth. In England, Tutor’s main role was to manage pupils’ patrimony. In IST, a Tutor is a Professor who provides counselling in a personalized way to a group of students from the 1 st and 2 nd year of Majors and Masters’ Degrees, allowing students to develop a maximum potential of their intellectual, emotional and interpersonal patrimony, and meeting the goals of teaching excellence that IST is known for.


The Tutoring Program’s mission is to promote students’ academic success, bridging the existing gap between High School and University. By investing on a policy that incites individualized support, the program guarantees Tutors’ (Professors of IST) training and asserts the follow-up of the tutoring activities along the academic year. As such, the Tutoring program contributes for the maintenance of a teaching-learning process of excellence at IST.


  • To provide students with support along their training at IST;
  • To support students’ transition from High School to College;
  • To promote students’ academic strengths;
  • To early identify situations of academic underachievement;
  • To contribute to the improvement of teaching quality in IST;
  • To support the activities related to Courses Coordination.

Structure and Support

The Tutoring Program was created by IST and it is running in several courses since 2003/04 academic year. It is essentially sustained by Professors’ (Tutors) work who support Students along the first two years of their Degree, enabling a closer relationship between Professors and Students. The latter intends to promote the quality of teaching and academic success.