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What is a Tutor?

A Tutor is a teacher at IST, teaching classes at the tutees Program, therefore occupying a privileged position to counsel and support newcomers to the university, mainly in what regards improving academic outcomes and during the process of decision making concerning academic life and future career choices alike.

A Tutor is a volunteer experienced teacher, motivated to help IST’s students, usually being he a former student at this school. The Tutor is available on demand for the student (in person, during classes, through the telephone and/or e-mail), and in the beginning of the first year by actively reaching the student, either during scheduled meetings or through e-mail contacts.

The Tutor improves his teaching skills during tutoring activities, and finds new ways of reaching low achieving students, helping them improve their academic results; the tutor also supports high achieving students, sometimes involving them in research activities and other IST’s activities.

In order to monitor students results, the Tutor as access to his Tutees academic results during their first two years at the university.

Why be a Tutor?

“It’s important for students to feel they are supported”.

Tutor from LEMat

“Students feel reassured if they know they have a Tutor who they can call for help”.

Tutor from MEEC

“A Professors’ job is to teach, but also to teach how to study. The Tutoring program addresses some difficulties Professors have in pedagogic area and helps them improving their performance in the classroom with students.

Tutor from LEGM

“Knowing our students, one by one, is very important to fight academic failure, specially the students who have problems. It give us the possibility to recover students who otheewise would abandon IST”.

Tutor from MEEC

If you want to volunteer to be a Tutor next academic year, please send us an e-mail for

What is expected?

Find out what you need to be a good Tutor of 1st year students (PDF, 0.99MB).

Estimated time spent by Tutors during a semester

Tutor’s tasks

Help students in their integration by promoting interpersonal relations and referring the student to activities in his/her Degree.
Encourage and motivate through the assessment of difficulties inherent to students’ adaptation to University and through positive  reinforcement of students’ efforts.
Guide students and address their doubts by giving them advises about the definition of their study plans and their academic tasks.
Diagnose strengths and weaknesses referring the student to specific support resources at IST when available.
Monitor academic progress by providing students and the degree’s coordination with appropriate feedback, always in the sense of promoting students’ responsibility for his/her academic progress.
Support students’ in their vocational and professional orientation through the clarification of the degree’s objectives and professional opportunities and by supporting students in their transition to the labour market, referring the student to specific support resources at IST when available.

In case you wish to be a tutor, please send an e-mail to with your identification data and you will soon be contacted.