Instituto Superior Técnico

Academic Development Unit

Application Form

Students who wish to apply must complete the online form, read carefully the regulations of the Xpand It Scholarships, Mission to Approach – Education 2016/17 and send by email ( the following documents, Referring to your name and student number in the text body of the email.

  • Application Form 
  • Copy of Citizen Card
  • Copy of the IRS settlement note for 2015
  • Copy of the IRS Declaration of 2015 and its annexes for all members of the household
    Proof of the size of the household
  • Copy of the document proving the dismissal, issued by the employer, and insertion in the Job Center – if any of the members of the household is unemployed
  • Copy of the unemployment allowance and / or social integration income of the last month of all members of the household who are unemployed
  • Copy of the last three household income receipts, or the respective bank proof of payment of housing credit
  • Copy of IMI or proof of exemption from IMI, if the household is a real estate owner
    Proof of movable assets (proof of all claims in bank accounts, order and term)
    Proof of NIB (Bank Account Identification Number)
  • Declaration, on honor, of not benefiting from any other grant or similar allowance granted by any other entity, except for those that are limited to covering the annual cost of the gratuity
  • Statement of Commitment of Honor Xpand It (DOC, 73KB)