Instituto Superior Técnico

Academic Development Unit

Eligibility Conditions

The scholarship is intended for IST students of the 1st cycle of Bologna Degree in Computer Engineering and Computers and who simultaneously meet the following conditions:

Have completed all curricular units of the first curricular year;

To be recognized as relevant merit, which will represent the most important selection factor, evaluated by the grade obtained in the curricular units of the first year and that can not be less than 13.5 values;

There are proven economic reasons that show difficulty in fully or partially defraying their training in particular because they are integrated in a household with a per capita income lower than 18 times the index of social support in force at the beginning of the school year, plus the value Of the maximum annual tuition fixed for the 1st cycle of studies in public higher education, which currently corresponds to a yield of 8,609.43 euros for each member of the household;

Not holding the degree of licenciado or superior;

Not to take advantage of any other scholarship, other than those that exclusively support the payment of tuition fees;

Commit to collaborate in activities of interest to the Society indicated by IST during the period in which they receive the scholarship up to the limit of 10 hours per week.