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Academic Development Unit

The mission of the Academic Development Office is to promote the full development of students, professors and researchers, promoting the integration and the academic success of students and contributing for the continuous improvement of the Teaching-Learning process.

1st Tutoring Meeting

Here you can find information about the main activities developed recently and in previous years by the Academic Development Office (NDA), previously called Tutoring Support Office (GATu).




Are you a student? Find information about: tutoring program, academic coaching, scholarships, training and support readings.




Are you a professor or researcher? Find information about: tutoring program, teaching practices, training, class observation and Shaping the Future program.


Due to the pandemic situation, the NDA is only available by email. Please consult our contacts here.

We remind you that you can follow the guidelines for the IST community through the microsite:

If you are looking for guidance on online learning and assessment, you can find it at SaRTRE.


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