Instituto Superior Técnico

Academic Development Unit

1st Cycle Tutoring

If you are a 1st cycle student

In the first week of classes you will be assigned a Tutor (you will receive an SMS with your name and contact on the day of your registration), a teacher of your course, who will be your interlocutor /a privileged in Técnico. You will meet with him/her individually or in a group with colleagues from your course/year and during these meetings you will be able to obtain valuable information about Técnico in general and about your Course in particular.

Your Tutor accompanies and supports you in your academic integration at Técnico, stimulating your development and helping you to better plan your study and assessment period. The transition between Secondary Education and Higher Education can be difficult for some students and it is in the most challenging times that you should turn to your tutor. Here are some of the benefits of the Tutor Program: