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The formations and Students’ workshops focus on transversal competencies considered to be determinants of academic and professional success for IST graduates, and cover specific groups of low and high-school students, as well as student delegates. The Tutoring Support Office also collaborates in 1st year Curricular Units in several IST Integrated Masters and Degree Programs.


Note: The workshops are based on the number of registrations in the Alameda Campus

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General Formations

Specific Formations

General Formations

Ethics for Students

Objectives: To assist participating students in understanding the issues and moral dilemmas that most often arise in their specific areas of study.
Duration: 3 hours of a session.
ProgramEthics for Students (PDF, 55KB)
Trainer: Isabel Gonçalves

  • Closed Registration

Microsoft PowerPoint for Students

Objectives: Use Microsoft PowerPoint features to build professional-looking presentations.
Duration: 6 hours divided into 2 sessions of 3 hours.
Programa: Microsoft Powerpoint forStudents (PDF, 230KB)
Trainer: Sofia Sá.

  • Closed Registration

Microsoft Word advanced for Students

Objectives: Use the advanced features of Microsoft Word to create theses, papers and other academic documents quickly, professionally and effectively.
Duration: 8 hours divided into 2 sessions of 4 hours.
Program: Microsoft Word Advanced for Students (PDF, 341KB)
Trainer: Sofia Sá

Microsoft Excel advanced for Students

Objectives: To know the advanced techniques of Microsoft Excel.
Duration: 12 Hours divided into 3 sessions of 4 Hours.
Program: Microsoft Excel advanced for Students (PDF, 376KB)
Trainer: Sofia Sá

  • Closed Registration

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Communicate in Public

Objectives: To understand some basic assumptions of an oral presentation, allowing trainees to acquire simple content but ensure successful public exposure.
Duration: 4 hours divided in two sessions of 2 hours each.
Program: Communicate inPublic (PDF, 239KB)
Trainer: Gonçalo Moura

  • Closed Registration

Time management

Objective: To learn important strategies to the management of the time in the academic life and future professional life.
Duration: The Workshop consists of a session lasting 1h30m.
Program: Time Management  (PDF, 292.39KB)
Trainer: Gonçalo Moura

  • Closed Registration

Testimonials from the participants:

The Passage from Secondary to College – Notice of the newspaper Expresso

“Gives good ideas and teaches what needs to be done if we want to learn.”

“The Workshop allows us to see time in a different way and actually learn to use it instead of letting it pass.”

“Although we all know that we have to manage our time well and plan well, sometimes we do not know where to start, what to include in the plan and this Workshop gives us the ‘push’ we sometimes lack!”



Objective: To learn important strategies for a successful team work.
Duration: The Workshop consists of a session lasting 1h30m.
PosterPoster of teamworker (PDF, 88KB)

  • Closed Registration

Testimonials from participants:

“One learns not to leave anyone behind.”

“The advice given for future group work was very interesting and relevant.”


Written expression

Objective: To know the rules of writing and writing scientific papers.
Duration: The Workshop consists of two sessions in which each one will last for 2 hours.
ProgramWritten expression (PDF, 290, 13KB)
Trainer: Gonçalo Moura

  • Closed Registration

Specific Formations

From Good to Excellent

Objectives: To learn tools that allow to optimize academic performance and to develop necessary skills in the labor market.
The workshop consists of 4 sessions of 2 hours each and an extra session of stress management.
DBE 1º Ciclo (PDF, 256KB)
Program: DBE 2ºciclo (PDF, 270KB)
Trainer: DBE 1º Ciclo : Gonçalo Moura
Trainer: DBE 2º Ciclo : Isabel Gonçalves

  • Closed Registration

*Specific workshop for high yield students.

Testimonials from the participants:

“I wish I had more formations of this type and other areas outside specialization. Keep it up, please!”

“Learning and reflecting on things that although it may be the first time we hear, we do not think it’s something new, but something that we never stop to think about and sometimes provoke a reaction to,” but how come I never remembered it ?! ‘. ”

“As an instrument of personal development, I believe that attending this workshop has helped me a great deal and also contributed to an improvement in interpersonal relationships.”

To Prescribe Prescription

Objectives: To learn study techniques and develop learning strategies to improve academic performance.
Duration: The workshop consists of 4 sessions of 2 hours each.
Program: PPP (PDF, 256KB)
Trainer: Gonçalo Moura

  • Closed Registration

* Specific workshop for students at risk of prescribing.

Testimonials from the participants:

“It was quite positive. I needed to make a chair not to prescribe, but instead of one I made three.”

“My grades have improved …”

“It allowed me to approach the new semester with other eyes and motives.”

“I’m willing to take part in other such encounters, I felt that helped.”


Orientation Day for Delegates

Objectives: Development and training of leadership skills, teamwork, communication styles and conflict resolution.
Duration: one day of training specifically for Course and Year Delegates.
Program: Orientation Day for Delegates  (PDF, 284KB) .

  • Closed Registration

* Specific Training for Delegates.

Testimonials from the participants:

“It was important to meet fellow delegates and learn more about the role.”

“The contact with different perspectives (alternatives) to deal with problems, as we are in contact with other delegates and other courses, is important. The formation in assertive communication and debates (leadership issues) were extremely interesting and useful.”


The GATu also participates, in partnership with some courses, in some schedules of Curricular Units:


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