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Tutorial Program

The Tutoring Program is a support program for the management of students’ academic careers. Academic management or coaching work is carried out by Tutors (teachers of the student’s course) who are responsible for monitoring a group of students during their first two years of the course, however the format that the tutoring takes in each course may vary , and the support given in the first year is substantially different from the support given in the second year.

At IST, the Tutor is a Professor who monitors, in a personalized way, a group of Students from the 1st and 2nd years of the Degree and Integrated Masters Courses, seeking that these students can develop their intellectual, emotional and interpersonal heritage to the fullest potential, fulfilling the goals of excellence in teaching of IST.

NOTE: If you wish to be a Tutor, please contact your Course Coordination or send us an email to

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