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Being Tutor

Tutoring activities favor face-to-face contact between tutors and tutors, with most courses having a welcome meeting, in which tutors meet the students personally and can, from the outset, not only explain the tutoring objectives, but also fine-tune the preferred contact format thereafter.

There are different models of contact throughout the first and second year, and it is expected that in the first year the frequency of contacts will be higher than in the following academic years.

Identification of Tutors

Contacts during the 1st year of Tutoring

1st Contact Meeting to be held after the welcome session for new students. Each Tutor should meet with their Tutorandos and meet each one individually, in their office. This meeting also serves to explain the tutor’s role and schedule the next meetings. Time Management*Study Methods*
2nd Contact In these meetings, it is expected that an intermediate balance of the 1st semester will be made, in order to understand how it is going. It is suggested that these meetings be held between October 23 and November 3, 2017. Procrastination: how to beat it!*Resilience* 
3rd Contact It could be a moment when Tutors meet with their Tutorandoes and try to support and validate the number of Curricular Units to which they will enroll in the 2nd semester. It is suggested that these meetings be held between the 5th and 16th of February 2018. Anxiety before, during and after exams*
4th Contact It is expected that Tutors will meet with their Tutorandoes to make an intermediate balance of how the 2nd semester is going. It is suggested that these meetings be held between March 26 and April 6, 2018.  Study planning and resource management*
5th Contact This will be the closing meeting of the semester which, ideally, should be held before the exam season. At this meeting, the Tutor and Tutoree must also agree on how the follow-up will be carried out during the 2nd year. Successful and unsuccessful students* 

Contacts during the 2nd year of Tutoring

Now that the 1st phase of adaptation to Técnico has taken place and the students have already appropriated the culture of the courses and the institution, the Tutoring model has also changed.

Adapting to a phase in which greater autonomy is expected from each student, Tutoring in the 2nd year follows an “on demand” model. In this sense, in the 2nd year it is assumed that all Tutors from the previous school year will be available to support their Tutorandos, who were 1st year students, but in a contact model in which both parties reach an understanding on the frequency of the meetings. Students will be able to contact their Tutor whenever necessary, agreeing with them in what ways they would like to maintain active contact.

This type of Tutoring does not dispense with key contact moments at the beginning of each semester, which are strongly recommended to be scheduled at the Tutor’s initiative.

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