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Development and Training Program for Teachers

The Development and Training Program’s mission is to promote, train and support the development of professional, interpersonal and transversal skills of Técnico’s teachers and researchers, in the areas of Planning Curricular Units, Transmission of Content and implementation of Assessment and Feedback activities, contributing to the optimization of teaching-learning processes.

The training and professional development program, under the responsibility of the NDA, aims to inspire the teaching staff, promote quality teaching and involve the academic community. This program focuses on three main areas:

  • Planning of Curricular Units and teaching and research activities in accordance with the Principles of Constructive Alignment;
  • Content transmission in order to place the student at the center of the teaching-learning processes;
  • Optimization of evaluation and feedback processes in order to promote people development.

In addition, this program also provides training activities in skills, including coaching and emotional intelligence, as well as the involvement of teachers in activities that facilitate the application of training learning in real classroom contexts (eg connection with observation activities in theoretical, practical and laboratory classes) and individual and group tutoring.


These three training areas, as well as the support and involvement activities, will be offered to Técnico professors and researchers at two times of the year, which will coincide with the students’ evaluation periods, when greater availability for activities is expected. complementary to teaching, the annual calendar will be published at the beginning of each school year and disseminated to the school by the usual means. The involvement of the entire academic community will be a priority, and some activities are planned for the development of professional and interpersonal skills, which support and enhance these three areas of training.

More information:

The training activities included in the PDF respect a Training Regulation that you can consult here:

The evaluation of training activities is carried out annually and can be consulted below:

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