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  • Registration form
  • Copy of Citizen’s Card
  • Copy of the IRS settlement note for 2020
  • Copy of the 2020 IRS Declaration and its annexes of all household members
  • Proof of the size of the household
  • Copy of IMI or proof of exemption from IMI, if the household owns real estate
  • Proof of movable assets (proof of all credits in bank accounts, current and term)
  • Proof of IBAN (Bank Account Identification Number)
  • Motivation letter that should address the following topics: Academic background; What motivates you to pursue a career in technology; project or activity that motivates you and makes you proud; How do you see yourself contributing to the sustainability of transport.
  • Declaration, under oath of honor, that you do not benefit from any other scholarship or similar subsidy granted by any other entity, with the exception of the one that is limited to covering the annual cost of tuition fees: Declaration of Commitment of Honor
  • Declaration by the applicant and household members, where they authorize IST to share their data with for the purposes of the regulation for lx by Daimler Trucks & Buses dec-sharing-data-candidate e household_tb.lx by Daimler Trucks & buses

In case of doubt, consult the FAQ’s or contact us:

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